Modname Author UrlPermission 1.6.4 ready
Advanced Solar Panels SeNtiMeL yes yes
Applied Energistics AlgorithmX2 yes yes
Backpacks Eydamos yes yes
BiblioCraft Nuchaz yes yes
BiblioWoods Addons Nuchaz yes yes
Binnies Mods Binnie yes yes
Biomes O Plenty TDWP_FTW, ted80, Amnet and Adubbz yes yes
BuildCraft CovertJaguar yes yes
Carpenter's Blocks yes yes
ChickenChunks chicken_bones yes
CodeChickenCore chicken_bones yes
CoFHCore KingLemmingCoFH yes yes
ComputerCraft dan200 yes yes
Crafting Suite bau5 yes yes
Damage Indicators rich1051414 yes yes
Denlib denoflions yes yes
EnderStorage chicken_bones yes
ExtrabiomesXL MisterFiber yes yes
Factorization neptunepink yes yes
Forestry SirSengir yes yes
Forge cpw, LexManos yes yes
Forge Multipart chicken_bones yes yes
FurnitureMod yes yes
Gravitation Suite SeNtiMeL yes yes
GregTech GregoriusT yes yes
Grimoire of Gaia Silentine yes yes
iChunUtil iChun yes yes
Industrial Craft 2 Alblaka yes yes
Inventory Tweaks Kobata yes yes
Iron Chests cpw yes yes
Logistics Pipes theZorro266 yes yes
Magic Bees MysteriousAges yes yes
MFFS Calclavia yes
Natura mDiyo yes
NEI Addons bdew yes
NEI Plugins mistaqur yes
Not Enough Items chicken_bones yes
NuclearControl Shedar yes yes
Obsidi Plates Myrathi yes yes
OpenPeripheral mikeemoo yes yes
Plugins for Forestry denoflions yes yes
PortalGun iChun yes yes
ProjectRed Mr_TJP yes yes
Railcraft CovertJaguar yes yes
RareOres CovertJaguar yes yes
Reis Minimap ReiFNSK yes yes
Steves Carts 2 Vswe yes yes
Thaumcraft Azanor yes yes
Thaumcraft Extras wasliebob yes yes
Thaumic Tinkerer Vazkii yes yes
Thermal Expansion KingLemmingCoFH yes yes
Tinkers Construct mDiyo yes yes
Tinkers Mechworks mDiyo yes yes
Tropicraft yes yes
Waila ProfMobius yes
WR-CBE Core chicken_bones yes
WR-CBE Logic chicken_bones yes